to this precious angel who is reading this now<3

hey love, how are you doing? I hope you are doing fine and if not than don't worry today was a bad day but it's gonna be better soon :) always try to keep your beautiful smile on your face cuz you look wonderful with them. I know sometimes time can be hard for everyone but I also know that you are very strong, you are like a diamond so that no-one can break you, always remember that and don't let people hurt you precious.

you are so much precious and I'm glad that you exist in this world and I'm lucky to have you in this world beautiful. Stay safe in this cruel world and take care of yourself and Stay hydrated, love yourself always and don't be someone who others want you to be but be someone who you want to be, be yourself and don't stress yourself and always know that no matter you're always be perfect in my eyes, I hope you have a wonderful second/minute/hour/day/month/year! you're valid and i love so much always remember that

from aeonian